Covid -19 has changed the way that people work. Companies are now re-evaluating their office space requirements as many staff have successfully been able to work from home or on a mobile platform.

Companies have realized that they do not all need to be in the office at the same time, in fact, companies realized that they have too much space. However, working from home is not always ideal, unstable internet connections, power failures, noise, distractions and a real need to socialize with likeminded individuals all affect performance levels in the home environment.

We have seen a tremendous increase in companies looking for a flexible office solution where they only pay for the space they need. Take that 50sqm boardroom that you use once a week for a staff meeting as an example. Why not just hire it for the hour when it is required?

If employees come and go all day, occasionally travel or work remotely, companies don’t need a permanent building, just a private, lockable and secure office where everyone can touch base, workers can hook up to a potent internet connection, grab a cappuccino and be productive in a quiet area.

The current economic climate has also led to many companies downscaling and re-evaluating a long-term lease with onerous terms and conditions. Everyone is watching cashflow at the moment. Our studies show that our shared workspace model is 30 to 40% cheaper than the normal leasing environment.

Flexispace offers a host of different solutions to accommodate your specific needs on a daily, weekly, monthly, virtual basis, all this while keeping you FLEXI SAFE in a clean and sanitized environment. Talk to Geoff on 083 626 0400.