Did you know that your body language is the most important tool to help you get your message across or even close an important business deal? But why is it that most of us prefer to keep our video button turned off?

Today we want to share with you some important tips and tricks to make you look like a pro!



Your laptop should be at eye height. Use books to elevate it. This will give the impression that you are sitting across from the person or people you are talking to. You don’t want people looking up your nose.

Don’t sit too close to the screen. People should be able to see your entire head, and all the way down to the edge of your table. This allows you to communicate with your hands – something which is quite natural and helps to drive a point home.

Keep a little screen to see what you look like all the time. This will help you notice certain things that you can secretly and instantly fix without someone else pointing it out.

Use plain, still backgrounds. Animated backgrounds take away from your reality, and as we have learnt from the viral potato face and kitten filters, they can be rather tricky to get rid of. Instead, pick a spot or well-lit room where the lighting is on your face or above you.


Body Language

Do you still feel camera shy? Honestly, all your clients and colleagues know what you look like. It’s only weird for you.

Do not face the camera directly. Looking directly at the camera can come across as confrontational. Angle yourself to a certain degree – this softens your look and makes you more approachable.

When making a point, turn your nose to face the camera directly; and when making an important point, turn your nose and navel while looking directly at the camera. This will ensure that your point is taken seriously!

In a boardroom group meeting with another company or client, everyone should login separately on their own laptop. This will ensure that everyone knows who is talking, and no one has to shout from across the boardroom table in order to be heard.

If you are presenting something, alternate between video (you explaining a point) and the slides. Do not have all your points on a single slide – share information point by point as you go through the presentation. This will ensure that people don’t read ahead and lose interest.

Practice! Because it always seems easy, but it really isn’t until you try.

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