Are you toying with the idea of operating your business within your own four walls? With all that has been happening, we have realised that many businesses are downscaling or going virtual. People are opting to work remotely, or on a rotational basis – leading to businesses needing flexible office solutions.

In our setting up your home office article:, we shared a few tips to help you set up your home office. While setting up a home office might have been somewhat easy and fun – working from home might not be so easy. Here are a few tips to help you cope:

Start with the right tools.

Determine which tech tools you might need. Maybe Zoom for video conferencing, Microsoft Teams for group chats, office 360 so that everything is on the cloud. It is important to ensure that you have all the proper tech equipment you need.

Get started early.

Not having a morning commute which might help you wake up and feel ready for work can be unsettling. One way to beat this would be to dive into your task list as soon as you wake up. Starting a project first thing in the morning can be key to making progress on it throughout the day.

Include social interactions.

Schedule time to connect with the outside world. Working on your own can get lonely, consider scheduling meetings with clients at a coworking spaces like Flexispace. Other things could be lunch with a friend or an exercise class.


Some work-at-home life balance tips:

1. Stick to your work schedule.

Set your working hours, stick to them, and only work during those hours. It is simple to get distracted, it is your responsibility to create a space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional work environment.

2. Adapt.

You don’t need to stick to a routine. When something is not working for you, change it, and find a new way to do things.

At Flexispace, we are flexible enough to offer you the kind of office your business needs at every point. Get in touch with Geoff on 083 626 0400 for a virtual office if your are working remotely, a private lockable office your team can use on a rotational basis, or even just a meeting room for an important meeting.