There have been numerous developments and incidents since President Cyril Ramaphosa’s “state of disaster” declaration on March 15, 2020 – which enforced protocol in accordance with the Disaster Management Act. Health Minister Zweli Mkhize has also recently warned that the spread of COVID-19 was only just beginning in South Africa and that about 60% to 70% of all citizens were likely to contract the coronavirus at some point.

While a number of people are already working remotely, at Flexispace, we understand that for some people in our community, this might not be an option yet. Therefore, we remain open and exercise stringent, preventative measures across all three locations.

Flexispace is different from most traditional coworking operations in that we offer private lockable offices. Therefore, each tenant and/or team have a tailor made, lockable office which they have total control over.

This type of setting makes it ideal for our tenants to practice social distancing in the workplace, because individuals work in their own private offices instead of an open plan setting which anyone can access, while teams which cannot work remotely can alternate shifts to ensure that there is someone to man the office at all times.

Here is how we are preventing the spread of COVID-19 at Flexispace:

Switching from biometrics to access cards to ensure that our tenants don’t have to touch doors frequently

Tenants normally access the buildings through biomentric fingerprint scanners. Due to the outbreak, we have switched to access cards in order to keep everyone safe from touching the scanner, while still monitoring the people in the buildings for security purposes.

Promoting hand washing.

Regular hand washing kills the virus on your hands and prevents the spread of COVID19. At Flexispace, we have placed display posters promoting handwashing at specific points in our buildings. We also frequently refill the soap and paper towel dispensers.

Placing sanitizers at reception across all three locations

We provide the opportunity for each person who enters our buildings to sanitize their hands upon entry and/or before leaving.

Providing closed tissue paper dispensers, as well bins for the safe disposal of tissues.

To view our comprehensive list of COVID-19 protocols, click here.

Rent your own private, lockable office daily, weekly or monthly, and work with peace of mind during this pandemic. Contact Geoff on 083 626 0400 or Joanne on 082 854 6258 to book a viewing at our Centurion, Houghton Estate or Eagle Canyon Offices today.