Co-working spaces have been around for more than a decade now and the co-working search trends suggest it is going to grow beyond what anyone can expect. Companies like Flexispace are continuously looking at futuristic trends and taking the needs and wants of their customers into consideration in order to make the co-working concept even better.

The idea behind co-working is to provide a conducive space for businesses and entrepreneurs to conduct business, without paying the traditional office space amount and making it accessible to a wider audience with a no lease, pay per day, per week or per month policy. More than this though the co-working environment offers opportunities in many areas. We look at some trends that we feel will add to the popularity of co-working spaces:

Co-working trends in 2019 suggest that space owners are more focused on technology. The introduction of access cards, coworking space management software, booking systems, attendance system, automated invoices, time trackers etc. are being introduced.

Multiple Locations
People often opt for a space that has more than one location within a city since they get a choice to work at any of the locations.

Space Design
Co-working spaces are known for their interiors. The design should be so well prepared and executed that a person falls in love with the space at first sight.  The space should offer a variety of work spaces with sitting desks, standing desks, couches, bean bags etc. Moreover, we know that almost all shared office spaces provide co-workers access to recreational activities within their office space. A sports room with foosball, table tennis, chess board are all things of the past. The coworking space design has evolved in a much brighter way. Check out this picture of swings in a co-working space to understand how creativity is changing the traditional co-working spaces.

space-design-workspace 7 Futuristic trends for co-working spaces

Additional Out of Box Services
We believe that shared office spaces should provide additional services to their co-workers. These services could include concierge services, a delivery service, access to professional talks by tax advisors, marketing specialists for start-ups, etc.

Connection to Nature
Trends suggest that co-working spaces are getting more inclined towards greenery and well-lit spaces. A space that has ample plants, flowers and bright open spaces are somehow more attractive to co-workers. Coworking trends suggest that new design concepts have also started to include large windows with outside views or even artificial waterfall, stones, beaches like structures and other things that depict nature within the space.

connection-to-nature-work-spaces 7 Futuristic trends for co-working spaces

Community, Culture & Classes
People come to co-working spaces to work but as per recent trends in coworking culture, there much more than workspace that is needed. From weekly lunch to events and from yoga classes to meditation sessions, all are becoming a part of the co-working concept. These activities are optional and often occur over the weekend but the good thing is that they add up to the long list of offerings that your co-working space provides.

The Corporate Shift
Earlier co-working spaces were meant for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs or small businesses but now days even corporate companies are exploring coworking spaces for their employees. This shift is happening for the good as it is building more trust in co-working spaces.  Spaces like Flexispace are able to customise offerings and differentiate between open shared areas, small private offices and lounge areas.

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